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Replacement and Recovery

Maintenance Agreements - a proactive approach

Being proactive and subscribing to a custom built maintenance plan will increase the life expectancy of your roof, and with regular inspections as part of the plan it is a cost saving by identifying and eliminating any potential threats from becoming a major problem. The longer you can extend your roof’s life before replacement, the more your overall savings increase and your life cycle costs decrease, which is why a maintenance plan suited to your individual needs makes absolute sense to have.

How you benefit

  • Identify and isolate major issues before large scale damage occurs.
  • Increase your roof’s lifespan through regular maintenance and inspections
  • Increase a property’s value having a maintenance plan in place.
  • Easily passed insurance claims with a roof maintenance plan in place.
  • Repair or Replacement?

    A roof endures serious wear and tear throughout its lifetime. With our testing and analysis, we will be able to determine the current condition of your roof and help you to decide if a roof repair or roof replacement is necessary. We offer both repair and restoration options, and not just replacements. A good rule of thumb to determine the best option is to consider repairing your roof if it will survive its original service life expectancy without exceeding the cost of a new roof.

    Contact us for a consultation and assessment of your roofing needs.