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Inspections and Assessments

Roof and Structural Inspections

It is important to complete periodic inspections on your roof to ensure you remain safe and dry. Our roofing experts will check for structural damages, leaks, unusual wear and tear, weather damage, organic growth issues, and potential problems that may have resulted during installation or subsequent repairs. A thorough inspection can help detect and prevent small issues from becoming costly repairs down the line.


At Elite Roofing and Waterproofing we provide professional assessments for private and insurance work caused by weather and other damages. We cater for private dwellings, apartment blocks, retail centres, offices, warehouses and other commercial/industrial premises. Assessments can include:

  • Replacement cost estimates
  • Fire damage claim assessment
  • Storm damage claim assessment
  • Water damage claim assessment
  • Structural damage claim assessment
  • Defective works or materials claim assessment